Mystic rains

the first raindrop falls
on my face, gently rolls
dissolving all the worries
that the future carries
like the wind thoughts flow
in the sky, self assured
the pristine white clouds glow
resurgence,since long allured!
rainbow beckons,
as the mind reckons,
it longs to live, to dream,
to get drenched
in the mellow Shravan rain....
in the distance, at the horizon,
shiny silver beams, crackle
a mystic smile spreads,eyes sparkle -
as unto solitary dark clouds, lightning engulfs!

Poems are the best way to break the writer’s block………there’s definitely a crack in theΒ block now……. πŸ˜‰

682 thoughts on “Mystic rains

  1. First of all i am in two state about giving my opinion on this beautifully written poem.
    The reason is what i have imagine while reading may be different from when you have penned it
    but what ever the context is i liked it my way…

    NOTE : please also make a point to write for reader like us (not very heavy words) may be like a month Shravan comes once in a year

  2. hey nilesh
    this poem comes as I told you – more from an MA student than a blogger………..
    the beauty of poetry is that once the poet makes it public, it belongs to its readers
    and everybody has their own understanding about it……..i am sure your context
    would be as interesting as mine………..

    i will make sure i write on lighter topics in lighter words πŸ™‚ not only in a particular month
    but always πŸ˜€ thank you for sitting through this one…….really appreciate your patience πŸ™‚

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