Aaj ki nazm – 2 – Wajood

The inspiration for today’s nazm came in the most surprising way. I had not written anything for the day and suddenly came across the younger sibling’s facebook update. Okay – he just shouted from across the hall as I am writing, that it is a tweet from @veer_ki_kalam , even I follow him…hehe wonder it didn’t strike me.Yeah…so I just expanded his 2 lines into this post (also on the YS’s wall much to his chagrin) and gave a title 😛 Without much ado(jo ho hi gaya hai) – I present to you – Wajood 😀

ghilaaf ki tabdeeli par bhi rooh to kayam hai

mukhtalif nahin hain mujhse kirdaar meri zindigi ke,
ye main hi hoon apne kai raaston mein bhatka hua….

ghilaaf ki tabdeeli par bhi rooh to kayam hai,
na pehchhano mujhe shakl-o-surat se yaaro,
mera wajood meri soch hai…..

Roughly translates to,

I am no different than the characters I play in my life,
This is me lost in the many roads of my way,
The case will change its form, but the soul will remain,
Do not know me by my appearance,
My existence lies in my thoughts……….

Glossary –

mukhtalif = different,

ghilaaf = case,

tabdeeli = change,

rooh = soul,

wojood = existence

Credits –  Veerendra Shivhare – for the first two lines and younger sibling for posting them 🙂

Corrections are heartily welcome, I am still learning this format. 😀

169 thoughts on “Aaj ki nazm – 2 – Wajood

  1. so true the first line .. Its me in my many characters going along the path of life .. 🙂

    So true see me in my thoughts not what I Look like ..

    Bahut khoob

    1. i loved the first lines too……..very deep.
      infact some days ago i was thinking – we grow from babies to kids to teenagers to youngsters to oldies – it is almost impossible to imagine the baby n the oldie us as the same person……..the only thing that identifies us is our characteristics 🙂 this led to the continuation.

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