Project 365 – 3 – Zameen

I have missed some days, will cover them up as I find time. Till then, this one is an archive from my collection. This was a spontaneous response to Md Muddassir Shah’s picture of a blooming seedling on a busy road. The seedling had sprouted at such a place, where it could be easily trampled by a pedestrian or a passing vehicle. It conveyed a sense of defiance, a zest for life and a certain spunkiness to me. Hence, the below lines which say, that this is my land too! My ancestors lived here, co-existed with you and now you have usurped my land! A hint of Sadda Haq, a try at an eco-friendly poem…….


suni thi kahaniyaan
kabhi mere ajbao ajdaad baste the yaha….
kabhi ye sadak thi ek nikharta gulisataan….
apni taraqqi ke nashe me khoye e insaan
ye zameen meri bhi hai sun le aaj ye elaan!

Glossary – ajbao ajdaad – ancestors, nikharta gulistaan – blooming garden, elaan – proclamation.

531 thoughts on “Project 365 – 3 – Zameen

  1. now that is beautiful … indeed a defiance and when people get together and do things in defiance.. change happens ..

    beautiful words follow the picture amazing .. I love urdu shayari there were days when i wud sit and read and read ..

  2. A very nice picture, you took a photo of something that most people don’t see at all. Most people just pass that without seeing it, and maybe even step on it.
    Thanks for sharing this piece of spring.

  3. Thank you Bikram ji 😀 you spoil me with your kind words. All credit to Md’s pic which led to the thought. Agree with you on change. I have never had the chance to read Urdu shayari much…..have read many of Sahir Ludhiyanvi’s works though. Urdu is a very expressive, delicate and effective language.

  4. Hi Maggie,
    Welcome to Wordcoiner. This picture is taken by a fellow blogger Muddassir Shah 🙂 This is a pic from rainy season. Indeed very interesting of him to have spotted such details 😀 Do keep visiting 🙂 Looking forward to blog with you!

  5. Oooh thank you 🙂 We can make it a Moonlighting by the Sufi Masroof kind of thing, and then contribute to them too 😛 I will borrow a lot more 🙂

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