Writing is not an escape



Note : This is a rant.

Writers are dreamers. They keep talking big things. They see the world in a different way. They unnecessarily romanticise things. They do not pay attention to real life and take shelter in imagination. Writing is an escape from the reality. Writing can only be a part time hobby. Nobody can be a serious writer and manage other stuff like job, business, household life. Writing is the passion of the extreme rich or the extreme poor.

How many times have I heard these sentences? Writers are dreamers. That is correct. They do see potential in everything. In a way, writers are innovators, conceptualisers, pioneers.Β  A quality necessary for every entrepreneur and businessman. They don’t talk big. They want to enjoy each and every creation of nature, every emotion a human being can feel. They do not romanticise things – they just see simple things in life with a child-like awe. They just want to live life to the fullest. This enables them to be happy always.

It also leads to a certain nonchalance. Like the song says, “Gham aur khushi me farq na mehsus ho jaha….” This nonchalance, also called equanimity by the more spiritual, makes them efficient in their daily work. Writers react the same to any situation they face. They say ‘Wow, so this is how it feels!’ and go make a note of it. They observe themselves and their life as the unbiased observer mentioned in our physics textbooks. This doesn’t mean they escape reality. They face it with the detachment of a monk.(I have come to love this word πŸ™‚ ) Writing is then, meditation.

Writing is the dessert, the goodie one enjoys after having a dinner filled with daily routine, awesome work day and family time. It is not really an escape from life, but discovering the realities of life. I have heard people exclaim, ‘Oh writing? It requires a bohemian lifestyle no?’ It doesn’t! Look around and one does find a part writer in every person – be it writing funny sticky notes for roomies, students forgetting mugged essays and composing one runtime, techies writing interesting mails as their status, people on Facebook/Twitter, a housemaid forgetting lines of the song she is humming and then making it up.Have you ever noticed babies? They have a funny habit of making limericks about anything they see.

Writing is a way of life. An essential skill for everyone wishing to make a mark in their field. Writing is a stress-buster. Writing is a negotiator. Writing is a rescuer. You name anything and writing is it. (That is the skill of an engineering student eh? To justify anything :P) So yeah, to sum up


276 thoughts on “Writing is not an escape

    1. πŸ™‚ I had seen the clip. Real world in the post is practical life in the conventional sense.
      Writing according to me is more of a retreat than escape, where one goes for some respite. It is not going into imagination and neglecting worldly life. It is definitely not bad to escape once in a while. I am looking forward to new blogposts on your blog Sir πŸ˜€ Really appreciate today’s discussion with you.

  1. I loved the rant πŸ˜€

    writing is not an escape from the real world, for me sometimes writing helps to live. Even the thought of penning down words relaxes me. I do not consider myself as a writer, only writing what I feel.

    Though I would say sometimes we create our imaginary world which we like to see in real while writing. I think that’s how fiction is born. It’s wonderfully said “Every fiction has a bit of reality in it”


  2. First time here, and I must say I did so enjoy reading the posts. Zeroed in on this one, for now πŸ™‚

    Loved reading this rant. The first paragraph clinched it, with the cliches one keeps hearing. And what about notes passed in class. Creativity hits a new high there πŸ™‚

    Off topic here – Richard Bach, in “Illusions” writes something to this effect:
    if you practise being fictional for a while you will find that fictional people are sometimes more real πŸ˜€

  3. Thank you so much for the kind words πŸ™‚ I like ranting once in a while. With a supportive audience, it is more fun πŸ˜› Creativity in class notes is a very underrated genre of writing! I agree! Loved the quote from Richard Bach πŸ™‚ Do keep visiting!!!!! I am a fan of your comments now! πŸ™‚

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