Project 365 – 6 – Zinda ho tum

Project 365 – 6 – Zinda ho tum

Gee, I feel very sheepish to have put the project on hold like this. Anyway, this is a floating composition based on ZNMD’s awesome poem, Zinda Ho Tum by Javed Akhtar. I can’t fill in his shoes or have the refinement his words have, but these came randomly to me while commenting as an Alpha user on the site we are developing. Here they are –


jaan kar bhi anjaan ho,
to zinda ho tum.

toot kar bhi pure ho
to zinda ho tum.

registan ki me ret ke zarre sa tapna seekho,
bawandar si taqat rakhkar thandi hawa sa baho tum.

dilo me bechainiyan leke chal rahe ho,
to zinda ho tum.
bechainiyon ko jeene ka sabab bana sako,
to zinda ho tum!

7 responses to “Project 365 – 6 – Zinda ho tum”

  1. Bikram says:

    Loved the last line bechainiyon ko sabab bana sako to Zinda ho tum 🙂

  2. I loved the peace of your poetry. And the throbbing life within. Quite contrary I know, what I say, but that is what life is about; the “zinda” part of life…. the tingling of the energy and your ability to harness it, and LIVE. ZNMD was awesome.

    There are words I cannot fathom in the literal sense, but yes, can sense 🙂 Loved this so!

    Btw, you are tagged too… the Elevenses 🙂
    Pretty please? You’ll do it, na?

  3. Meta says:

    I understand it 🙂 Sometimes, oxymorons make perfect sense.ZNMD was awesome indeed. Javed Akhtar’s words always have a good feel, whether we understand the exact meaning or no, we do get the gist and get all contemplative. I am working on the tag 🙂

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