Project 365- 7- The fire

This poem is inspired by Magdalena’s poem The Erring Arrow . I had written a version in the comments section, which is somehow lost now 🙁 It ain’t coming back, but for a miracle. I have written another version, from the theme I remember. Pliss to critique. This is kinda my first foray into a literature term called Enjambment.

I missed,
they say.
They don’t see
my heart burning in reflection
of the fire in the wild.
The child in me,
Parched with thirst
for affection.
The erring arrow was to kill,
the demon.
It fulfilled the Almighty’s will
where they see, the fire;
I see
the solemnly burning pyre.
The cycle of creation,
after destruction.
My seemingly erring arrow
is the hope for a happy ‘morrow.

An afterthought : This poem fits into the Holi theme no? Happy Holi everybody! May good win over bad in your lives always!

261 thoughts on “Project 365- 7- The fire

    1. Yep 🙂 taking a leaf out of you. You manage so many fronts, and make it seem so easy. I still wish I could read regularly, I haven’t been able to follow the Come Back after the opening chapters 🙁 I want a hard bound signed copy from you when it is published 😛

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