The fine art of improvisation

The art of improvisation is closely related to oratory which comes in handy while addressing a large crowd. Oratory or public speaking as we say, needs a lot of composure and background thought. Folklore has it that once Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan was asked to address a student gathering. Somebody introduced him as a speaker who can speak on any given topic. One cheeky student pointed to a bottle of water kept for the speakers on the dais and asked him to speak on the bottle’s cork. He spoke for 2 hours to the hall packed with students, all listening with rapt attention!

Dr. Radhakrishnan was as exceptional a teacher as he was an orator. Teachers across the nation thank him on Teacher’s Day (his birthday is celebrated as Teacher’s Day in India), for giving India’s teachers their much deserved prominent place in people’s minds. Teacher’s Day is celebrated in schools and colleges throughout India with much enthusiasm; primary and secondary schools leading the way in the nature and scale of celebrations.

When I was in school, I looked forward to Teacher’s Day every year; eagerly waiting for my chance to be THE TEACHER. Ours was a fairly new school and mine was only the 4th batch which would pass SSC since the school’s inception. As a consequence, the 1st batch always got to play the teachers for consecutive 10 years! I always used to envy them for that. 🙂 Finally in 10th grade, I got to be in my teachers’ shoes. I taught Science and English then. There was this lesson on a fox terrier and I had prepared in advance for it.

I had taken along a chart showing various types of dogs from pomeranians to labradors to bull terriers and great danes. Dogs are queer species. Unlike cats, who pretend to be their master’s masters, they like to learn tricks. Cats hate being told to learn anything. Unless it is Talking Tom, he not only learns everything ‘by heart’ as school students say, but also repeats the speaker’s words in a cute accent. That is one good student!

That is how a teacher wants his students to be – obedient and receptive. Such students make their teachers proud. I hope I am one of them. It  feels as if that Teacher’s day was only yesterday! But then tomorrow (5th Sep) is again Teacher’s Day! Gosh, time sure flies! And I am still a big procrastinator. I must really improvise. Err, improve. Improvisation is an art already acquired by me. For how many of you noticed that I did not have a blog post here?!  *ducks n runs*

An ideal student – obedient and receptive



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