This is the theme of January’s NaBloPoMo. I have put pressure on myself by tweeting that I shall post a blog today. The whole day went by and I have no clue what to write on. So I chose pressure as my subject.

1) Pressure is when Sachin had not hit a century for a year and walked in to bat in front of an expectant audience.

2) Pressure is when Hritik Roshan had delivered a series of flops after his debut and people were dismissing him as a one film wonder.

3) Pressure is what Kejriwal is facing as a maverick CM.

4) Pressure is what Ganguly faced when he lost his form finally. Remember his world cup ad?

5) Pressure is what Obama faced when he was up for the second term.

6) Pressure is what Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore faced when he won the Double Trap medal.

7) Pressure is what Mary Kom faced when she entered the final rounds in Olympics.

8) Pressure is what Sania Mirza faced when she was up against Venus Williams.

9) Pressure is what Amitabh Bachhan faced when he went flop in his middle age.

10) Pressure is what I am facing when I struggle with my writing block each day, since about year 😛

Have your say amigos!