It’s a deal!

Yesterday, out of nowhere, I and Pritam Barhate [he writes!] struck an impromptu deal.

The deal :

He is on a strict diet and as long as he sticks to it, I will write a page-a-day. For every page I write, he will write one too!

Seems like an exponential equation eh? So here I am, typing the first page in the series.

We have lost track of how many times he went on a diet, I vowed to write a novel and he declared that he shall finish his book. All these declarations made independently of the other declarations. Now, a dependency has been introduced in the picture – in the form of ‘THE DEAL’. (Quite ironic that it anagrams to EL DEATH).

The deal about deals is, if you make them subconsciously, they never materialize. You have to be serious when you say yes. Which I almost never am 😛 as you might have observed from my twice stalled Project 365.

One of the biggest factors from a deal going off-road is not the willingness to complete it, it is a nasty trait called Procrastination. I have never procrastinated in my professional life, and am the complete opposite when it comes to my interests – read >> writing a novel.

One of the reasons may be that my profession happens to be perfectly aligned with my favorite hobby – interacting with people, exercising my brain cells over a developing app idea and etching out a POA in ‘my writing style’! (I don’t need to indulge in hobbies separately, you see 🙂 )

The above circumstances are something I share with Pritam Barhate (for those who do not know him, he is my mentor from my previous job. We call him the coding guru, a title which he politely refuses to acknowledge.). Time and again, he has given me reason to write a blog post and vice-versa (when he wrote in reply to my Naam naa hota to kya hota).

This deal has high chances of working out, for

1) He is my mentor and one cannot let a mentor down. 2) Similar circumstances make us allies rather than rivals in the deal 😀

So yeah, it’s a deal!

5 thoughts on “It’s a deal!

  1. I hope he succeeds more than i have .. i somehow never can lose this weight .. food suddenly starts to look so goood 🙂

    All the best ..

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