Sabse bada rupaiyya! Is that the whole thing?

This is my usual bout of writing something. Today I want to brood on the importance of being somebody………….I mean how important is it to be a financial success in life? Agreed that if you are after materialistic pleasures,you should definitely have a green pocket. But then should the ultimate goal of your life be that of being a mechanical money minting maniac? Do all,literally all, relationships depend on money as a sole dominant factor?

Now that I shall be entering the ”professional” world, should I aspire of turning into one of those people who have no time to “stop and smell the flowers”? Too many question marks……….aren’t they!(so an exclamation here)

Money is important no doubt. But thinking of hoarding excessive wealth at the cost of day to day life is sheer waste of the magic potion called life. There’s no doubt that a person should be very much self -sufficient financially,especially a girl. In today’s world,with the emergence of upper middle ‘corporate’ class,relationships are weighed on the scale of monetary status rather than the amount of affection. And these relationships can be marital,maternal,paternal,fraternal. Arey even the supposedly unconditional relation of friendship has undergone a radical shift from the standard Krishna-Sudama equation.The Amitabh-Amarsingh alliance speaks volumes about the role money, and hence power,plays in building modern day ‘friendships’.

The reason I stressed upon the need of a girl being financially self-sufficient is that whenever there is even a small tiff between husband-wife, the argument zeroes in on the subject of who earns how much, in time less than it takes for a chain reaction to result into a nuclear explosion.The results though not even remotely comparable, are often disastrous to the extent of divorce.If not to this extent,they create an unhealthy rivalry between both of them for dominating the relationship.If the girl here(thanks to women’s liberation movement) is not earning,she has to endure the mental trauma and put up a smiling face to the world.

I sometimes wonder……………..if money makes such mindless monsters out of men(human beings,if I sound gender biased) with egos higher than Mt.Everest,then why this never ending quest for money;which sets up an illusive & elusive goal of conquering the world?And what exactly is conquering the world?Is it what Hilter seemed to have almost accomplished?Or is it being a ‘business tycoon’ like some very famous personalities; most of whose personal lives are caught in thundering typhoons.What have they gained by making money except material pleasures and a few extra luxuries that you don’t have?

I bet they will,at any moment, agree to trade their life with that of a simple country life; where a family lives happily.A family which wakes up to the energetic chirping of birds n greets each other with a smile,has a morning walk in the meadows,drinks fresh cow-milk. In the evenings,grandparents gather children on the kutta and tell them stories of fantasies and their own experiences.Throughout the day,it is NOT guaranteed that there won’t be any argument.But at least when there is an argument, the person does not point out other’s inadequacy(if any) at being able to support himself/herself if abandoned/divorced.Because money for them is a means to live life and not life itself.They do not rate a family member according to his monetary status.They understand that every family member plays a very important part in keeping the family happy;even the 80 year old grandpa!

Some of you will reason that this kind of life is history.It existed in the times of our great grandparents.Well,not exactly the same lifestyle,but a similar lifestyle still exists in parts of India.In some secluded villages,some hill stations you will find people who have grasped the gist of life and have risen above the ludicrous lures of lucrative liaisons & luxurious lifestyles to live a life of peace and happiness.Now you will omnisciently opine that they are lagging behind the world,they don’t have any idea of where the world is going.And that living such a life is going back into time.

Well if this is going back to history,then I might as well live in a time when people ‘lived’.Not in this pennyworth “professional” time where people spend half of their life hoarding money(for the better future of their children?! ) and don’t even know their first cousins,grandparents………or for that matter, even their spouse properly. The rest half…..they spend agonizing in the empty nest syndrome with all the economical wealth in the world at their disposal.After all we get to live only once and who knows,kal ho naa ho!

Signing off for today……………………Ruchi.

Written in 2007

164 thoughts on “Sabse bada rupaiyya! Is that the whole thing?

  1. You are right. There is too much importance given to money today. We made money to have a single form of trade and intended to control it, but it looks like the opposite holds true today.

    Dalai Lama rightly says that you need food, shelter and clothing. But beyond one time you don’t need more food, more fame, more success. The person who believes it and starts following it is the happiest…

    1. Thanks for dropping in Vishal!

      I agree with the great Dalai Lama. Happiness is today, not somewhere in the future, where we’ll supposedly be richer.

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