How I made my home from MakeMyHome!

Me and YS
Me and YS

I was one of the lucky few who had their own childhood room. Then the younger sibling arrived. And I had to share!

Circa 1998 : I was 12, YS was about 6 and a half.

The room was divided into two fictional countries – mine named ‘Wonderland‘ and his ‘Lords’ ‘ (after the cricket stadium at London!). An LOC was drawn under the supervision of Mummy, and trespassing rules and regulations were drafted.

Then began the quest to make our respective ‘countries’ look good. Where you could spot HotWheels, bigger remote controlled cars and an assortment of stickers featuring cricket stars (not to mention – the WWF superstars that lined the study table drawers) in Lords’; barbies, Disney drawings, rainbows and stuffed toys were littered all over Wonderland. (Yes, littered. Because we Wonderlanders believed ‘messy’ is the way to live! :P)

As we grew, the territorial skirmishes reduced and gave way to a joint effort to improve the ambiance of our room. Our ingenious suggestions were mostly scraped by the Home Ministry saying,”You get to buy it, but only after renovation.” I remember a toy soapbox lying unused for about 10 years JUST because the room was not renovated and the attached bathroom was yet to be built.

Circa 2013 : The room was fully renovated, attached bathroom et al. I no longer stayed there. The unused soapbox, although packed, looked old now. So it was relegated to scrap 🙁

Year 2014 : I am married now. It requires me to forfeit my claim over the ‘kids room’ technically. Wonderland and Lords’ are distant memories. But the strong desire to ‘decorate’ the room (as we used to say) – MY WAY – remains.

The ‘kids’ room’ is now ‘YS’ bachelor den’. If I have to prep it up now, it has to be grown up, subtle and macho stuff that I bring to its walls and corners.

He liked my choice and was very happy with the Archies’ Wall Clock that I got him last year.


So I might as well give it a shot and embellish the interiors a li’l more with Make my Home’s amazing decor items.


One of the items I’d have chosen is already in place :

Obsessions 4 Pc Bathroom Set Agua 2849-S4-41-Supari Design from Make My Home!


Note : MMH is running a 10% off on it at present. MRP: Rs. 1,195.00 Price: Rs. 1,076.00

This classy bathroom set totally makes up for the unused toy soapbox!

Now when you know that you get exactly what you see on MakeMyHome, you’ll agree why I am so excited about doing up the whole room using items from there.

ITEM 1 :

Due to searing hot 48 degree temperature in summers, since childhood, I am used to closing all doors and windows; turning on the cooler (now AC 😉 ) and reading quietly in the afternoons. A good hour spent reading calls for a long nap. When the lights are switched off, it is pitch dark there, even in the noon. This calls for a night lamp.

I hate night lamps. Period. They are bothersome and often have light falling directly on your eyes preventing sleep endlessly.

Then I stumbled on Sylvn Studio Rondeur Brown Table Lamp. This tiny gadget may as well be a life saver ‘cos many a times older family members have tripped when I have insisted on switching off all the lights. I can very well sleep with this light ON. What’s more, it looks so unobtrusive, it’ll gel in perfectly with the elegant- minimalistic-wooden theme! It’ll be placed on the study table or the glass ledge below the wall clock.

LampPsst…did you spot the miniature wooden vintage car on the top shelf on the left, just above the books? Isn’t it cute? My mom got it from a street shop in Mahabaleshwar. Surprisingly classy, ain’t it?. This is what inspired me to choose an entirely wooden-minimalistic theme. An alternative theme would’ve been cars 😉 looking at this and the clock 😛 Also, although the YS has grown out of HotWheels, he is into real cars now 😛 😛
ITEM 2 :

You’d be surprised (or not!), just like girls, boys have their set of grooming accessories too! The new generation is dead particular about appearing fresh and dapper 24/7. The dressing table in my room (err…YS’ room) has a drawer for holding this stuff. However, something more funky and in tune with his ‘hunk’ image is very much required on the dressing table.


I found this Marwar Stores Brown Wooden Box hiding quietly, with a whopping 41% discount on MakeMyHome! It can hold anything from comb, deo, muscle relaxant spray (Being a cricketer, he needs a lot of those.), hair styling gel, etc. If not that, it can be a good Mobile Charger holder. Bottomline – it’s multipurpose. B-)


ITEM 3 :

Now that is a collector edition Sportstar Poster featuring Sourav Ganguly and Sachin Tendulkar!


Dare I touch it?! Well, perhaps no. But when the YS sees this Wood Dekor Plane Window Photo Frame, the odds are – he’ll agree to find another place for his treasured poster. It’s 60 by 2.5 by 40 cm dimensions will make it fit easily in the wall space.


To think he can have 9 pics of his favorite sport stars, cars, family & friends! I can already see Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid, Rafael Nadal, F1 champions whose names I don’t know – featuring there periodically. And when I go stay for some days, I’ll quietly replace all of ’em with our childhood pics }:) (Yes, sisters are nosy. Didn’t you know?)

All in all, despite my nosiness, I can see a smile on the YS’ face when I get him this wonderful stuff this Diwali 🙂 He’s been a wonderful brother and sent over all the pics used in this post within an hour of my asking for them 🙂 He’s the best brother in the world!

Summing up!

(As engineers always do 🙂 )


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    1. Thank you! 🙂 Your post held my interest for the same reason.

      This room is very close to my heart. To think all those days spent there fighting with YS are passe breaks my heart. I even cried at my wedding ONLY because I couldn’t bear the thought of giving up my room 🙂

      P.S : By any chance, do you know Gauri Sood? She was my classmate in college.

  1. the start of the post brought some memories when i was all alone and then my sis arrived and then my two cousins arrived .. so my room was no more My room anymore .. and slowly we got rid of my sis from the room and it became only boys rooms 🙂

    sadly my parents have changed it now and it is not anymore the boys room.. its become the guest room 🙁

    1. I can so identify with you Simbaa. I loved having the room to myself, but I think I loved it even more when I had to share. 🙂

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