Game of Blogs : Chapter 10 : Of blogs

Team : The Maverick X

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Jennifer looked at her MacBook and heaved a sigh. Why-o-why did the kid look so nigh?

Roohi had taken a fancy to Jennifer and her blog. Little did she know that the Fashion Diva and Jennifer Aunty were the same person. She went on and on to Jennifer at the park about this pair of glass sandals she wanted to buy from eBay. She wanted to know how to hack her Dad’s credit card!

Clever…or dangerous? Jennifer could not make up her mind about Roohi’s disposition. She had really taken after her Dad in terms of brains. Tara had little time to think! Jennifer smirked.

She glared at the screen of the now ON MacBook with tired eyes. As much as she hated it, she had to keep up with her post quota for the week. She searched for “white floral skirts” in a half-hearted attempt to come up with something in line with the new fashion trend set in motion by “Veer 2” – an unworthy sequel of the worthy movie Veer. The only thing worth watching in it was the heroine’s outfits. Strangely enough, Hindi movie heroines had started donning clothes again!

She was scouring the results when her eyes drooped and the hand involuntarily clicked the mouse in an attempt to save her from falling flat on the laptop screen. Damn it! I must get some sleep. The snob will have my head for breakfast if I don’t reach Gateway of India at 6 AM tomorrow.

As she started to close the MacBook, all sleep evaporated from her eyes. “My angel in a white floral skirt” – the blog title read. More than the post, it was the featured photograph that caught her attention. A girl with long hair, wearing a white top and a white floral skirt stood blowing an air-kiss at the camera. Her eyes reflected the feeling of seeing someone special on the other side.

Jennifer’s eyes turned into a shade of the crimsonest red there could ever be. There was a hint of tear on the corner of her eye. She forced herself to read the whole post where the blogger talked about this girl he met at Kovalam and how she became the apple of his eye. He called her ‘his angel’! The creep Jennifer clenched her teeth.

She went through the list of previous posts on the side-bar. She clicked on “Waves Within”.
This guy was a freak. What with aerospace design and law studies, his squabbles with his father, he had poured his heart out. Why would someone be so open about his personal life? Obviously he thinks a pseudonym is enough to hide him and his soliloquies.

Then it dawned on Jennifer! In her drowsiness, she had completely forgotten that these posts were password protected. Only the titles were public. That’s the problem with attention seeking freaks. She had hacked all the password protected posts 3 of them to be precise in order to unravel who was behind the “My angel in a white floral skirt” She wondered what had prompted him to keep that post public. Perhaps he wanted to show off to her.

Jennifer scrolled to the bottom of the Waves Within. Posted by – The Devil’s Advocate – it read. Just what I’d expect from you.

She opened another tab in her browser and searched “soliloquies of a geek whois”. She had the real name of the person who topped her “most hated people” list now.


“Me and my team are participating in ‘Game Of Blogs’ at #CelebrateBlogging with us.”

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