New year resolutions – 2015

I am pleased with my progress in the last year.

2015 is a special year. I am settled in the new phase of my life; I have plenty of time on my hand to focus on the various activities I’ve always wanted to do.

I have this thing for the number 5. I want this year to be the happiest year of my life so far, and thus; I have started planning to make it so!

Basically, this year’s gonna be a ground setter for living the approaching 30s like I would’ve lived my 20s, had I the good sense to put my foot down and DO the things I LOVE!

My resolutions this year are : (not in that order)

1) Write and publish a novel.
2) Exercise and get a fit athletic body.
3) Make time for the following activities : a) Tennis b) Dance c) Painting.
4) Write a blog a day.
5) Diversify the blog. Touch the hitherto unwritten topics : a) India – the history, the present and the future b) DIY c) Photography d) Technology e) Travel.
6) Revamp the wardrobe. Head to toe.
7) Cook. (not just stories…actual food!)
8) Follow cricket.
9) Drive a car and ride a bike – like a pro. Go on road trips.
10) Be happy. Maintain a happiness journal.

This being the first day of the year, the resolutions are in the nascent stage. I am excited to see how I follow through.

I see a lot of poise in me, as the rain of exclamations has trickled down to a steady flow of full-stops. This indicates stability of thoughts, according to me. πŸ™‚

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  1. The best is reserved for the last. A happiness journal sounds quite quirky :D. Something like 100 happy days kinds is it? πŸ™‚

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