Get.Set.Go : Introducing the Tata Bolt

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Tata Motors’ latest offering in the hatchback segment is a stunner.

We went to feast our eyes on the beauty at Phoenix Market City this Sunday. Abhijeet is a car aficionado. Awaaz overdrive- the show, is a regular weekend fixture on our TV set. Lately, we have been planning an automobile blog. Blogadda’s contest Get.Set.Bolt presented just the right impetus to nudge us towards our first automotive review post.

The new Tata Bolt was sitting pretty in a fiery red colored petrol variant top-end model. The whole Tata representatives team was enthusiastic in the Bolt Arena – with sportily dressed youngsters handling the registrations, giving out cool wristbands with the slogan ‘Get.Set.Bolt’ written on it, encouraging football fans to take a shot at the ongoing playstation game in the arena, clicking their pictures with a life-sized 3d model of Narayan Karthikeyan and most importantly – giving a detailed look and ‘feel’ of the features offered by the classy hatchback.

Magic : With N. Karthikeyan
Magic : With N. Karthikeyan

Our guide, Aashutosh, explained us the advantages and the newly introduced cutting-edge features of the Tata Bolt for almost half an hour. He was at his patient best, with me shooting questions after questions.

Abhijeet and I have come up with a list of 5 crème de la crème features which are bound to catapult the Bolt on the topmost position in the best-sellers of 2015 :

The beastly 1.2T Revotron Engine with S-E-C driving modes :


This revolutionary engine was introduced in the Tata Zest and is now the heart of the Tata Bolt. The petrol variant can power up to 85 ps/5000 rpm. The best part is – it is the first hatchback which offers 3 different driving modes for expert drivers, so that the engine is not taxed in heavy traffic situations.

The futuristic Connectnext Dashboard which controls the 8 speakers (and much more):

ConnectNext Dashboard
ConnectNext Dashboard

I have closely observed the making of a similar car dashboard system. I was taken in by this one – powered by Harman. Connectnext is more than a simple dashboard. It takes on the role of the control system for the Tata Bolt’s interior entertainment, navigation and notification mechanism.

Aashutosh gave us a demo of the 8 speakers located in 5 key positions. One can drag to control the balance across all of these. If the person sitting in a seat is bugged by loud music, you can simply take the sound intensity off his speakers!

The Connectnext dashboard pairs with 10 bluetooth devices which can be simultaneously accessed. The notifications for SMS can be paired with Android and iOS devices alike.

The voice recognition is so smooth! It is the first VRS I’ve seen which works for the Indian accent like a charm. I tuned the 93.5 FM with it 🙂

The piercing Stock Projector lights :

Stock Projector Headlamps
Stock Projector Headlamps

Those are dope! It glares at you and can light the way up like a day in night journeys. These are a first in the hatchback segment across all manufacturers. Earlier these were only reserved for high-end sedans and SUVs.

The rock-tight security provided by dual airbags :

India is going to make airbags compulsory (someday). However, car manufacturers are wary of rising prices because of the feature. Tata Bolt makes a bold move and puts TWO airbags to make safety a compulsion and not a luxury for its customers.

The play-field like Interior :

Rugby shouldered seats
Rugby shouldered seats

The seats are called Rugby shouldered seats. Boy, are they comfortable! I did not get out of the driver seat for about 10 mins just because it felt like a cosy recliner. The gear transmission was smooth and the driver will surely be as fresh at the end of the journey as he was when it started.

I am very excited about it, because Tata Motors is based in Pune. I have seen its test mule and wondered many a times what car it was!

The verdict

The Tata Bolt packs in the best of Tata Zest (and much more!). The X1 platform based exterior coupled with the DesigNext technology is shiny, stout and sporty. The interior is like a play-field with ample leg space, boot space and the gadgety dashboard.

I had considered buying the Tata Zest for me. However, driving a compact sedan on the traffic laced roads of Hinjewadi is quite an exhausting experience. I leaned towards a hatchback and decided to wait it out in anticipation of the promised one from its maker. And Tata Bolt is just perfect!

It will cut through the traffic effortlessly through its eco mode, cruise through the intermittent traffic through its city mode and race on the highway in its sports mode B-)

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