Face it!


Life is a blessing.

When I see people cribbing about that blessing, it puts me off. I am not talking about random ranting or statements like ‘my life is a mess‘. That condition can be overcome with an hour with friends and a bucket of ice-cream.

I am not talking of crying at a setback or a genuine mental/physical internal/external conflict one is going through. Heck, I cry my heart out when I think I cannot put up a strong face any longer.

Cry, express yourself and then get on in life with a renewed vigour.

I am not even talking of depression. An acute despair can be replaced by positive vibes with a little inner struggle with the mind. One’s own mind at that.

It is the thought of suicide that I am talking of. When I hear about suicides, I think to myself how can one’s own mind make one take the final step? I know of so many cases, where the people who did it could have been very happy now had they had the courage to face life. No condition in the world can justify suicide except the exceptional cases like when a soldier/on-field spy has to take the cyanide pill to protect national interests. Some might say euthanasia. Even that is a different subject altogether. I would not venture into that discussion in this post.

I am talking about perfectly capable human beings – mentally and physically. One day they are fine. The next day, there is a breaking news. I know it must be a lot to deal with, but death is not the cure for suffering. It just ends everything beautiful about you. There are people in this world who live in extreme conflict zones but live each day in the hope of a better tomorrow, enjoy each moment as there in no chaos around them.

Whenever you feel life is dragging you down in the dumps, ask yourself – Is this the lowest point in your life?

If not, then you’ve already seen the lowest and have come out of it. Cheer up! 

If yes, then you can go no further, the only way for the graph of your life is up. Face it!

My father had a saying put up in his library :

ज़िन्दगी ज़िंदा-दिली का नाम है,
मुर्दा दिल क्या खाक़ जिया करते हैं ।

Life is defined by liveliness. The weak hearted have never truly lived.

This post is a part of the April A-Z Blogging Challenge.

250 thoughts on “Face it!

  1. I don’t agree with you on this. There is a lot you have to read up about suicide. Please do so at the earliest.
    //”I am talking about perfectly capable human beings – mentally and physically. One day they are fine. The next day, there is a breaking news.”//
    How do you know they are *perfectly* capable human beings? Depression can be hidden so well not even the person living with you knows about it. And those depressed DO hide it very well because they are the ones trying to be brave. No outsider can really know about another’s mental well being unless trained (even trained people fail at times) to watch out for pointers. As for physical well being, that too. You simply cannot say. A person suffering from fibromyalgia for example, looks okay, but the suffering?! That’s another story.

    1. Agree, Shail Aunty. This is not a detailed take on suicide, the deliberated and planned act – it is about people wanting to throw away their life because of a sudden shock and they do too without letting anyone know about their thoughts. Also I agree I do have a lot to know about suicides. I wanted to talk about suicides due to exam pressure or family troubles. I know of about 4 cases around me, where suicide could have been averted if they had been counselled or motivated to face life. I wish I had been directly in contact with them, to help them see the brighter side of life – but I did not know them personally beyond hi and hello. By the perfectly capable statement, I was trying to say that people with no mental or physical condition – often take hasty decisions. Bottomline, I just want to help and shall read on the matter more.

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