I love glitter.

I have a child-like fascination for all things glittery. I don’t care if they are gold or not. 😛

When we were in school, first came the glitter tubes and then the glitter pens. And whattay glittery look they gave all our scrapbooks!

It has been years since I used glitter for an artwork – ‘cos I’ve never really taken time off to indulge in D-I-Y since highschool, save the occasional calligraphic trysts with glitter pens when writing my wedding invites and some one-off gift labels.

I was planning on a D-I-Y post, which centred on Glass & Glitter, for my earlier A-Z theme of Passion.

Here’s the recipe, without my having tried making the dish :

The D-I-Y pictures and the ‘recipe’ here are my friend Khushboo‘s.
I heartily thank her for letting me borrow her creations.

If you have queries about the materials or procedure, I’ll be happy to get them answered for you.

You’ll need :

  • Glass jars – 2 (Tip : Rather than buying, use old pickle/jam jars or in-use glasses that you want to repurpose. Recycle!)
  • Glass colour (preferably from Camel) – Blue
  • 3D colour outliners (preferably from Fevicryl) [I am assuming they have them in glitter too.] – Blue and Yellow
Get your glitter ready.
Get your glitter ready.

The procedure :

1. Take some glass jars, bowls or glasses. Or as illustrated here, 2 medium sized glass jars. Wash them clean and put them out to dry.

2. Pour the glass colour of your choice into a jar and swirl. Enjoy swirling till every visible area is coated. Now pour the remaining colour into another jar and repeat the process. Carefully turn them upside down and let them dry. Again. 😐


Work in progress
Work in progress

3. Choose a design – traditional mehendi/ aztec / geometric – any (!) which you are good at and think will fit-in with the look of the room you’re going to put them in. Make the design with a single or multiple 3D outliner colours. Let the design dry.

The finished artwork
The finished artwork


Use glitter! Lots of it. Enjoy your glittery time off.