NNotes are very important for a writer. Many times I think of an idea, expand it inside my head and then forget all about it. If I am vigilant enough to pen it down somewhere, I write down the whole story – ‘cos the notes do not leave me alone till I make a complete and tangible work out of them.

Not my type.

Here are the notes I wrote in 2012, which then developed into ‘Not my type.’ My Amazon singles short story.

IMG_0438It is surprising that I did not have these notes in front of me when I wrote Not my type. But when I read it and the notes now, I notice that I have included most of the details.

You will notice that I had the beginning and random incidences, but my story did not have life – as long as it did not have conflict. I have put a note in the margin – ‘Needs conflict and an ending.’ That is why I did not start writing it for about a year.

One fine day, I was bored and thought of writing something. I remembered the half-baked plot and started to write aimlessly. I wanted to see where the characters take me.

I was stunned at the outcome. I stopped typing only at the end of the story. It took me about 15 hours to write – excluding the meal and sleep times. The story had written itself!

That is the importance of notes and the courage to start. Had I not written the earlier points, I would not have wanted to explore the idea further.

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375 thoughts on “Notes

  1. The notes she stored came in handy
    The story she wrote came out dandy
    ‘Not My Type’
    Took 15 hours to type
    And now, cheers, she sure deserves a brandy!

    1. The first time she is here,
      to cheer her self-proclaimed protege dear.
      And her encouraging word,
      motivates this writing nerd.
      Let’s celebrate! The publishing anniversary is near.

  2. Loving the comments.

    I am not a notes keeper / writer at all. It’s a bad habit but knowing me I feel I won’t cultivate it either

    1. I have tried note-keeping on Evernote – thinking mobile being with me at all times will make it easier to log thoughts. It doesn’t work somehow. I always need pen and paper, otherwise I am not much of a note maker (or note minter 😛 ) either 🙂

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