Sometimes, we fall prey to generalising our opinion about a country’s population as a whole. Stereotypes are okay, if spoken about in a lighter vein.

But it is wrong, when an opinion about a country’s disposition is based on the statements of a handful or one-off people – good or bad.

It is impossible to hold an an opinion about a country. An opinion can be given about an individual, a small group of people, an organization or the government. Not a country.

Mentality is of people, not of a country. No statistics can prove a 100% similarity of thoughts between all individuals of a country.

For example, a bridal magazine from the middle-east had invited opinions on whether girls should take the first step in proposing. My friend voted yes and explained her reasons. There was also a no take. I read it and re-read it -> the no take. I was amused. The post inadvertently objectified women, I thought. I was tempted to look at the nationality of the opinion holder. But then I checked myself. It was an individual opinion, and it should not colour (no pun intended) my opinion of her country.


It would be a considerate world if everybody held an opinion about individuals/organisations/governments with whose views/actions they do not agree; not their whole country.

If you’re sharp, you’ll notice what I have tried to say between the lines.

5 thoughts on “Opinion

  1. Interesting debate. Opinions matter because for us at a primal level we hate to be in a state of flux.we have to make up our mind about everything. However much we try taking a neutral stand out things can never give us satusfsction. Yet to pretend that we are tolerant in today’s world and not to hustle our already worried minds, we try and stick to being neutral

    1. Yes. We cannot outrage on or commend everything. Sometimes we cannot be neutral and have to form an opinion. But then, whatever opinions we hold about someone or some organization should not be generalised for each person of the country/religion.

  2. Right!
    Have come here after watching Barkha Dutt
    So into this i have to butt
    Agree with you about the ‘objectified’
    And opinions not to be ‘generalized’
    But ’tis loads more difficult to lift people out of a narrow-mind rut!

  3. When people make general statements about a country/state it is actually that a large number belong to that category. Just saying. But, yes there is always those who don’t think that way and need to be acknowledged too.
    Having said that, I dislike it when women say, ‘Yes, we women are like that!’ “Excuse me, there is no ‘we women'” I want t to tell them. Ha, as if we are all similar!

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