The Zen of low-light photography : Asus Zenfone 2



Asus has always preferred to be a low-profile player in the mobile field, even when it has built the hardware for the most successful smartphones from the traditional Android makers like Samsung.

The Asus Zenfone 2 is the result of the continued research in bettering the smartphone experience for budget and high-end smartphone users alike. It caters to both the audiences seamlessly. It is bound to put Asus in focus with actual word-of-mouth publicity from its users. You cannot be low-profile anymore Asus!

The prime reason is its attractive price, which is pegged at an estimated Rs. 19,990 in India. The Zenfone 2 is the most awaited phone in 2015 for its advanced PixelMaster Camera(Best low light features) which is the brainchild of the research team at Asus.

Low quality photographs are not always a result in case of low-light because of a phone’s low battery. I have had moments at candle-light dinners where a perfectly charged premium smartphone could not click a well-defined picture despite being flash enabled.

This is bugging for serious photographers who do not have a DSLR handy at the moment. The Zenfone 2, which is also hailed for its ergonomic arc design, ensures that the photographer in you is appeased and pleased at all times – especially when taking pictures in low-light. The PixelMaster technology is going to give the Lumia a serious run for its money in the low-light photography feature. The technology is validated by the Malaysian mobile critique site SoyaCincau.

The combination of 4GB RAM with a 64-bit super quad core Intel Atom Processor is going to make your phone run smooth like butter, not to mention the speed and quality of the photographs you take. The 5.5 inch HD screen coupled with the famous ZenUI is guaranteed to leave you gaping at your own photography!

You can view the full specifications on Flipkart (and even pre-order it). Check out what the savvy customers have to say about the Zen of Zenfones here.

What are you waiting for? Start your phoneography now! Your pocket DSLR is here!



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