Me and the Jurassic World

I just realized how fans of Star Trek would have felt all this while, when I heard of Jurassic World last month. Funny I had no inkling there was a dino movie in making.

The childhood memories came back rushing. I was 7 when the first movie released. There is a theatre just behind my home (literally! When it was not yet sound-proofed, I could hear every dialogue of the movies showing there. I have been told that it used to be an open theatre and my Dad and his cousins used to watch the movies from our terrace!). They used to extend neighbourly courtesy of allowing the tiny me to watch the show anytime, everyday for free.

Truth to be told, I hated the movie. I was petrified at the thought of the T-rex chasing people in the movie. ‘Cos that was an age when I thought I was with them in the Jurassic Park. It all seemed so real! I think all the kids’ minds augment the CGI effects, till they are below 10. I passed up the ‘watch for free’ opportunity and used to stay only for the scenes where the herbivores roamed tall and free.

Then the second part came. We had gone to watch the movie Border, to the neighbouring district. The theatre there had better sound effects ‘Dolby Digital’! And alas! Border was taken down the same morning and some Lost World was up. Our faces (mine and the younger sibling’s) were worth watching – to have travelled 2 hours for a war movie and to find an English movie up! Those were the days when I barely understood 1 or 2 lines of the foreign accent. The younger sibling was only one when the earlier (Jurassic Park) was released, so he was very curious when we got to know that the Lost World is actually Jurassic Park II. I was hesitant. I had signed up for Border, a war movie – not THAT horror movie again! And they said it was even scarier!! Reluctantly, I stepped in with the family – to 2 and a half hours of sheer horror. The li’l girl’s part in it was comforting though, as I was nearly as old as her – or so I thought 😛

After that, whenever we went to Balaji Talkies – a theatre owned by my friend’s family on a property located at the outskirts of our town (we basically went there to play in the garden, their house was being constructed nearby – so we used to make a half-day trip out of it) – we used to sneak into the ‘balcony’ and watch the scary scenes with open mouths. It was a funny feeling – to be scared to death and enjoy it. Maybe I had grown up. Those were the days when movies ran for months on end. Jurassic Park II stayed for almost 6 months or even a year, enthralled a packed house everyday and the theatre closed down a la the park after that. A fitting end to a legendary theatre of the town. I still remember sneaking in, the guard coming rushing after us and us proudly stating we are the owners or just staring at him till he realised it for himself.

Such was the effect of the movie on our small town that the winning Ganpati pandal that year (organized by my other friend’s grandfather) had a 20 feet T-rex – roaring, walking, and then chasing the spooked and shouting audience. I went there daily and could hear some of the petrified kids earnestly appealing Ganapati Bappa to save them from its wrath!

Jurassic Park III came and went by in a haze. I don’t even remember whether I have watched it or not.

When I was watching the Jurassic World yesterday, it was the first time I thought – ‘Sigh! I should’ve had kids old enough to watch it! Then I could have told them about all the fun I had when I was their age.’

Oh boy! These childhood movie sequels and the nostalgia they evoke!

If you ask me about the movie, thankfully I did not try to analyse the CGI. I watched it with belief. Like I did in childhood. (The only difference being, now I understood each and every dialogue. 😛 ) And I was rewarded. It was a real thrill to discuss memories with the hubby – us having been in the same school! Pity, we never watched the movies together as children 🙂

You should’ve seen my wistful face. And then it gave way to an excited expression – I had just watched a movie which dominated my childhood RPGs- with my husband! These games were not on the screen, by the way, but in actual playgrounds – where we (not me and him, we hardly talked then *sigh*) released the fattest, strongest buffalo and pretended she was T-rex and the winner had to bell it! Later, we added the calves as raptors 😛

Go watch it! You will relive your childhood. Better still if you have kids 🙂 They will relive yours!





4 thoughts on “Me and the Jurassic World

  1. I haven’t yet watched the latest Jurassic World, but your writing took me down a memory lane. A very sweet one actually. I had bunked half a session at School to go watch the old Jurassic movies with friends.

    And I always thought you were already a mom :O . Before the next one comes out, makes sure you have atleast a few to take them with you. 😛

  2. You really thought that?! Hahaha…I would like to take the Mom thing as a compliment. And yes! Hope it takes at least 10 years to make another sequel.

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