Day 16 : Something that you miss

There are many things that I miss. Most of the times, they get auto-blocked considering I have so many things to do at all given times. One thing that I cannot block and often comes to me in my dreams is my childhood.

Childhood to me is till 17, the wonderful 17 years that I spent at home – with the most amazing school buddies one could have.

I miss the quiet afternoons painting in the shade of the giant neem tree in our ground. Though I could hardly paint, I miss the pains I undertook to try to paint.

I miss the starry nights and the once-seen meteor shower where we counted upto 459 shooting stars. They were so near, the stars…

I miss Chunky, my cat. How she came running from about 5 blocks away when I called out from the terrace…

I miss my grandparents’ health. I do not like to see them frail.

I miss being awed by special effects in movies like the Jurassic Park.

I miss the grandeur of the zoo and the planetarium at Baroda – it is in ruins now. As a kid I was left open jawed at the shows, now there is hardly anyone to watch the shows. And the kids are noisy, dabble with mobile phones mid-show – I wish they had the same wonder as our generation. But I am too quick to judge, maybe they wonder at other things now…

I miss being the teacher’s pet. Being scolded and patted on the back, equally.

I miss playing music. I miss reading comics.

I miss being amazed by technology. The first time I handled a computer mouse. The DOS game ‘Carmen’ I played in Computer period…

Mostly, I miss my attitude towards life as a kid. It is there some lucky days; on other days I am forced by grown-ups into thinking like a grown-up – whatever that means, I still have to figure out what thinking like a grown-up means.

There are so many other things I miss…in a good way. But I am happy living on, each day, making new memories, buying new things – that I will someday miss. 🙂

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  1. The next generation will not have the same wonder as the previous because what one wondered at becomes commonplace by the time the next one comes. So yes, new gen wonders at new things 🙂
    If both generations are awed at the same things that means the world has been static and has not changed in anyway. It is not only an impossibility, but is not desirable either.
    Loved reading about the things you miss though. Lovely post.

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