4G is here and it is just a Tweet away! #GetAirtel4G

I have seen the iPhone since iPhone 3G and debated whether the iPad will catch up or not. Yes, I am that old in the tech industry.

Most of us know the pre-internet era, the net cafe emergence, the dial-up connections, mobiles with internet Edge, then 2G, then 3G – in that order…

Well, we witness a start of one more era brought to India by Airtel – the 4G.

If you were in awe of the no buffering experience provided by 3G, you will be all the more delighted with the real time experience of 4G.

It’s like the difference between iPhone 3G and iPhone 5. Or that leap Samsung made in S2 to S3 transition.

As important as the technology leap is, 4G is all about a wider coverage across India, including the interiors. In the first Phase, Airtel has rolled out the service in 296 cities panning Kashmir to Kanyakumari.

He got me an iPhone 6 last year. I am all too excited to get the magical 4G, looking at this ad which caught my eye yesterday :

That reminds me of us travelling in a train near my town. A group of teenage boys were trying to load Raju Shrivastav’s comedy video. One said Arey buffing nai ho raha yaar. (He meant buffering.)

Now those boys will not have to wait for “buffing” 🙂

A li’l birdie told me this is as easy as chirping, err tweeting…

* Get an LTE (4G) enabled phone.
* If you are on Twitter, tweet with the hashtag #GETAIRTEL4G to @AirtelIndia
* An Airtel rep will get in touch with you immediately and you will get a FREE 4G SIM delivered at your doorstep!

So what are you waiting for, tweet and get the fastest network ever!

Please note that you must be an existing Airtel user to avail the above express service.

Not on Twitter? Well, don’t be sad, go to www.airtel.in/4G and raise a SIM exchange request.

Kya aapne 4G ke liye tweet kiya?! Maine bhi kiya!




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