My SQL success

My blog was under a brute spam attack. The reason being – I had turned off my spam filter plugins while setting up WordPress Multisite (in case you didn’t know, I now have an add-on site thedamsel[dot]in – which will be launching soon) and forgot to turn them on when done! I thought the spam comments were manageable, when they were just 300. Then the number skyrocketed to 10s of thousands…

I had to do something!

I was in-between countries…My dear blog got sidelined because of my helplessness – what with setting up a home here in the UAE and brushing up my professional skills, as I will soon start looking for a job.

Last week, I logged in to check out the new version of WordPress edit page and the number of spam comments (now filtered, and the previously unfiltered) caught my eye. I had had enough. Today, I sat down to clean up my blog once and for all and make up for all the time I couldn’t give it in the last 3 months.


I knew there had to be a way to collectively separate and delete the spam from the ‘Approved’ comments section. So I asked Google and was directed to a very helpful thread. I did not use the bulk query, instead I spent time analysing how many spam comments were from the same IP and then deleted them.

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SQL is something which I have always shied away from. I am an Electronics and Telecommunications Engineer, so I was not exposed to Databases and Programming Languages (other than C) in the syllabus. I had a hard time grasping Oracle and JAVA in my programming class at SEED Infotech (which I took out of desperation to find a job after college). I would be lying if I said I don’t know databases. I have designed DB Schema for many complex apps. I do have working knowledge of SQLite – the database used in most mobile apps. However, I have always been reluctant in naming SQL as a skill I possess. Why? Because I have never worked on it hands-on. Yes, I have used queries when I worked as a developer, but I still have to read-up on Databases.

So, now that I had the chance to tinker with my own server’s database, I happily took it. Today I feel that the money I spent all these years on my Hostgator subscription has been well utilised and hopefully, I will start using it for the main purpose that I bought it – to learn server side programming!

Here’s to programming! Long live the developer in us!

So long spammers!

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    1. Haha…yes it is too simplistic – so has extreme advantages and disadvantages. The job descriptions I come across sometime require SQL expertise. A Mobile Business Analyst too is supposed to carry out SQL data analysis in some companies.

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