The year in review – 2015!

I have kept up the tradition of not meeting my resolutions. However, I am excited to share that 2015 has been by far the most ‘conscious’ year that I have lived.

Here’s my report on how I fared at the resolutions :

1) Write and publish a novel. Nada!
2) Exercise and get a fit athletic body. Well, a little warm up and limbering exercises don’t count.
3) Make time for the following activities : a) Tennis b) Dance c) Painting. I took up another activity instead.
4) Write a blog a day. LOL
5) Diversify the blog. Touch the hitherto unwritten topics : a) India – the history, the present and the future b) DIY c) Photography d) Technology e) Travel. I have made a fashion and lifestyle blog, have to start writing.
6) Revamp the wardrobe. Head to toe. There have been a few good additions. You cannot call it revamping though.I have had to abandon my existing wardrobe when I came to the UAE 😀
7) Cook. (not just stories…actual food!) I did, and how! My recipe is going to be published in a calendar!
8) Follow cricket. Did not happen.
9) Drive a car and ride a bike – like a pro. Go on road trips. Car, no. Bike, yes – if only for a few rounds, I did ride Hero Hunk and Thunderbird 350. Road trips, 3. I was the navigator.
10) Be happy. Maintain a happiness journal. I was happy. Journal be damned.

You’d be wondering at my upbeat voice even after this ghastly follow-up to the average resolution of 2014 resolutions. I dare say, I have managed to achieve a lot more than the 2 lists. Here goes :

1) I flew kites alongside the hubby. For the first time in my life I witnessed the spectacle of a typical Sankrant in Gujarat.
2) I wrote freelance. And found there is a lot I can achieve professionally, as a writer. I also wrote on LinkedIn.
3) I learnt the sport of Olympic Shooting for 3 months, with utmost dedication. I realised that a sport can be pursued at any age. I also learnt swimming (a bit).
4) Sitting ducks taught me the essence of life, on our road trip to Dapoli. More on that later.
5) I spent time with my grandparents. Weeks!
6) I switched country! I made my first international travel alone.
7) I covered the red carpet at the Dubai International Film Festival 2015.
8) I tinkered with technology and setup my own WordPress Multisite. I warded off a spam attack on my blog all by myself.
9) I got fringes and outgrew them. I coloured my hair burgundy. Talk about experimenting!
10) My college bestie got married this year. I enjoyed her wedding thoroughly as I was dressed to my satisfaction. As a bonus, I can now do makeup on my own.


All in all, I would see 2015 as the year of contentment.

How has your year been? Lemme know! Imma curious!

4 thoughts on “The year in review – 2015!

  1. I think your year is not bad at all. Covered the red carpet of Dubai International Film Festival 2015, which means you’re a writer? Great achievements!

    1. Thank you Andina! It was sheet coincidence that a travel blogger buddy was in town and I got the Press Accreditation with her. I mainly covered it from fashion point of view. I wish to write regularly to be called a writer 🙂

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