Fifth ramble

Networking. Social media.

I am gonna ramble about these.

I have a blog since last 5 years(2010). My older WordPress blog lost some of its posts and migrated to this self-hosted domain. Technically, I can even say that I am blogging since 2007, because that is when I had a blogspot blog – which I gave up, for I could not find other regular bloggers and felt claustrophobic and paranoid about being alone, and my blog being open to scrutiny by any random Internet lurker.

That is passé.

I know quite a few veteran bloggers now. I feel safe and welcome in the community that we have, since the last few years. This brings in networking in the discussion.

How important is networking? That is as stupid a question as there can be. Pardon my language, but in school – does one ask how important is communicating with your peers, seniors and teachers? It has to be done. In order to learn, evolve and know the latest goings on ( not in their lives, but in the blogosphere as a whole).

I never ‘network’ consciously or with an agenda in mind. There are some days that I do not read at all. Some when I skim through. Some when I scroll through the blog’s archives and read stuff. I love reading what my fellow bloggers have to say, that’s why I read, sometimes comment, most times like their posts. I don’t aim for a particular number of page hits or followers.

That brings me to social media. The amount of information – nay, data – floating around is too much for my tiny mind.

I browse stuff subconsciously and don’t give much thought.

There are many articles on how to promote your blog through social media, how to engage people and thus get sponsors for your blog – I am too lazy for that.

These promotions are a big bubble, according to me. I write to address my urge to express. I have also started the fashion/lifestyle/travel blog as a means of focusing on my own personality.

Freebies are welcome, not sought desperately.

Networking is for interacting with the wonderful people who come to my blog to say hi and I love reading their blogs too! Social media is for random browsing of trivia.

I refuse to indulge in social media marketing tactics in my personal space.

2 thoughts on “Fifth ramble

  1. I agree with you about the “stupid question”
    Though i, about it, from kin, face some derision
    About the sponsors too, i agree
    Though no blog posts belong to me
    Am quite content to post in Facebook’s Notes Section!

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