Seventh Ramble


About friendships. Real world (physical) and virtual.

I am going to be honest with you. In the phase of life and the era that I live in, it is increasingly difficult for me to hang out with friends. One-off shopping trips (with an agenda) are okay, but I have observed that I feel less inclined to meet my friends regularly. If someone is visiting the city after years/months, a ‘hi’ meetup happens. (Even that is not happening with one of my college-mates. Since over a year, we keep missing each other by a whisker – in two different countries! But we both know it doesn’t really affect the friendship we have.)

No serious day out/night out plans. I think I am becoming more introverted than I was. I don’t feel like going on group tours or double dates – not that I have been on one ever.

Making new real world friends now seems like a daunting task to me. I usually maintain a ‘hello-hi’ equation with new people my age I meet.

Now-a-days, I have so many things lined up in my personal and professional life that taking out time for random outings with friends doesn’t happen. They say, it is a matter of priorities, well it is!

Meetups don’t figure high on my list. I have had enough as play-dates in school time.

This doesn’t mean I am a bad friend. (At least I think so. 😛 More on what kind of a friend I am, later…)

That brings me to virtual friendships. I am all for them.

I am active on social media 24×7. I love talking to people, knowing what they are up to in their lives. Sometimes I feel happy for them, sometimes a tad bit jealous. Just like in physical world friendships.

The best thing about virtual friendships is that the age bar seems to fade – I have friends from all age groups – significantly younger and older than me.

I can talk to everybody between cooking meals, at the late nights I am reading up stuff – basically any hour of the day. I am not required to focus solely on them and vice versa. We can be doing our chores and talking at the same time – this helps – rather than sitting in a physical cafeteria and not even looking anywhere else lest we appear bad mannered.

Virtual friendships often lead to conversations we might perhaps not have in person. This is their beauty.

I do not agree with the views that we are becoming more reclusive because of social media. I think we are making more meaningful friendships, with a more diverse group – which is difficult to achieve with the conventional physical world friendships.

Of course, when a friend is in need – physical and/or virtual – we all take efforts to help out or at least offer support.


2 thoughts on “Seventh Ramble

  1. How beautifully you’ve put this, my dear
    Much joy is to be found over here
    The real world is there
    But here you can share
    Whatever you fancy — fact, fiction or fear!

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