Eighth ramble


About February.

No offence to those who have their special days in February, but I have always considered it a dull month. Ramblings, this year have made me see it in new light.

I have this thing in my head about all months – January is the month of optimism. February, March, April – I just let them happen. (I notice March now, ‘cos his b’day falls in the month. In fact, it has made me see it in a new light. Earlier I used to be partial to the month only because Holi normally is in March.) May – special days in the family, mangoes and vacations – so I kinda notice May. June, July – my favorite months because of the anticipation of rains. August – patriotic fervor. September – Sometimes I look out for the rain (water droplets are significantly larger in diameter). Sometimes Navratri/Shravan falls then – those years it is interesting. October – I own the month. November – very boring. Except for Diwali, if it is then. It feels like the year is already over, but is stretching unnecessarily. December – Flies by. A month of hope.

Back to February.

The weather starts changing, and I don’t like the transition from winters. (Not that we have the good ones since a last few years). Science Day I like. Valentine’s Day – I have written about what I feel.

I have always felt February as an incomplete month that it is. I don’t quite know what to make of it. It’s like I wait for the calendar to skip over to March. At least, that is a full month. 😛

Most of the Februarys I remember, I have spent reeling in 26th January parade nostalgia and preparing for the impending exams in March. (Both of us have our birthdays in exam months, it’s a mixed feeling. I have always been prepared for the exams, so I have enjoyed my birthday at the expense of tensed classmates; distributing chocolates before the start of the paper. 😉 )

After I started working, I hardly noticed February! (except of course, V-day)

Now-a-days, the ‘month of love’ perception has become dominant, with the Valentine’s Day being extended by a string of never-heard-before days to a week.

The ramblings make the perfect setting for me liking and living February consciously. It’s a month, like all other (now) – and has its own special appeal for me now.

Thank you, Shail Aunty, for making February meaningful to me.

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    1. Everything is unusual about this cat,
      who dons many a hat.
      Grunting is delight,
      To this crazy feline,
      who, to crib, willingly lets go a caught rat!

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