Ninth Ramble

Decoding the generation ‘now’.

The present generation. Different people mean different things by this term. I mean the population between 18-27 in any given year. (Don’t ask for logic, that’s what I mean by the present generation.)

Now that I am past my perceived age group for gen-now, I feel the need to sit back and evaluate what is going on in their world. Why? Humour me in this pointless exercise, because I am rambling – letting my thoughts run amok, and they have decided to ponder upon this.

My observations are limited, as my source is mostly social media and one-off direct interactions with them.

Selfies in the trademark pout style, decking up impeccably at weddings and solo trips seem to be ruling. This is of course taken up by other generations too.

They seem a lot more focused on what they want to do in life, they are opinionated, they question stuff, and they are not shy to advertise that they do drink (if they do). Some of them think opinions should be defended by foul language. There has suddenly been a huge rise in expletives being spoken publicly. (Maybe that’s just my observation and they have always been there. Maybe I was living in a cocoon. But even on Twitter/Instagram, expletive-using bios have become abundant.)

I think social media has played a very big role in making them an aware generation. Their focused selves might appear self-centered to observers, but they know that at the age they are in – they are supposed to explore the world to the max.

I see a lot of unconventional career choices than I saw when I went to college. People have stopped laughing at youngsters who want to be photographers, or painters, or any other off-beat art professionals.

I like the gen-now. They are not bothered about anyone’s opinions. They brush off seemingly controversial life choices by #YOLO. Makes me wanna compare them a bit with what I know of the 70s gen-now.

That said, I don’t wanna lose them to the marketing gimmicks of the travel hype and fashion hype. I trust they’re smart enough to realize that.

They are inclusive, more exposed to different cultures of the world and equally proud of where they come from. I think they have the potential to bridge that gap between the India that the world perceives and the India that we perceive.

Lastly, generalization should not be done – but in a manner of speaking – you cannot put forth certain thoughts without generalizations. So, take this with a pinch of salt. This post only illustrates more of the positives I like about them.


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