Eleventh ramble


Association with places.

More than people, I take liking to places. I loved my school building, the railway station opposite it, the small Shiva temple in the railway repair shade, the railway bridge a few kilometres from there. I love the dam near my home town.

In Pune, there is a temple near my home that I like. Right now, I have taken a liking to the lawns and jogging track near Sharjah’s Buhaira Corniche.

Such places are my thinking spots. Even though there are people around me, they offer solitude. They are anchors that stabilize my whizzing thoughts.

Do you have such a spot?

Whenever we go to restaurants we frequent often, we choose the same table. The OCD hasn’t yet reached a stage where we won’t sit if our table is occupied, while other tables are vacant. I hope it never comes to that.

Visiting a place over and over again establishes a strange kind of relationship between the person and the place. I do not believe that a place has its vibrations, but if you happen to go to a spot in a good mood, and you visit it again in a bad one, chances are – the mind jumps back to the good memories. (I am not convinced with my own last sentence here đŸ˜› What if you have a bad mood while going to a place and then visit again in a bad mood? First sentence – I strongly agree with.) You get the gist eh? A place becomes your thinking spot if you visit it often – a place where you can think or just relax in peace.

Of recent, I notice I notice less of my surroundings. I have got to make more thinking spots.


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