Thirteenth ramble


They are great souvenirs. These days, they are wreaking havoc with my memory – crippling it severely. So much so that if I start taking pictures, I totally miss registering the moments. Hence, I have started dedicating slots to photographs. Half time I spend taking pics, the other half – total devotion to exploring the place.

I have always been fond of photography. But – If you see the Monalisa, is it necessary to take a picture? Case in point, I did not have a picture of the Burj Khalifa until last week, because it never occurred to me to take one. Am I contradicting myself?

Well, let me clarify. I had been putting it off for an exclusive shoot. 

The Arabian Wildlife Centre here has a strict no photography policy which was a welcome change. We spent 3 hours noticing the behaviour of the wildlife and marvelling at the free moving birds in their comfortable enclosure.

Photographs make sense only when you snap them to commemorate something – either the rare occurrence at a known site or you with the known site. I have thus started getting rid of mundane pictures and have also reduced the number of snaps I take at the same site.

After all the ordeals of getting that one snap for Instagram, how many of us back them up religiously? If iCloud does, I am saved, otherwise all my work is down the drain. I have several pictures in my old laptop which refuses to turn on now.

One of the years, my resolution has been to take photos. Now, it is to take meaningful photos only. 

 Sometimes off-hand clicks like this evoke pleasant memories too. 

Photography nowadays is all about finding the right balance between experiencing the place you’re in and preserving memories through pictures. 

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  1. With smart phones now photos are instant and gratifying
    Some selfies, unfortunately, non-death-defying
    You are being wise
    You realise
    That being immersed in the place is so

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