Twelfth ramble


He got me gerberas once. Each one handpicked. I love receiving flowers. 

I want to see tulip fields once – a la Silsilay. 

We had several kinds of roses earlier. One of my prized possessions was a violet rose plant, which was bought from the nursery with a flower in full bloom. I picked it for the Gods after a few days. The next day it was unceremoniously weeded out by the watchman, who forcefully doubled up as the gardener.

He’s a character in himself. He is 85 plus now and still climbs trees and comes to the town from his village on bicycle. Till some years back, he used to charge 5 Rs per bucket rate to retrieve buckets fallen into wells. Extra income for his daily quota of doodh-malai at the shop near railway station. 

For quite some time, we had red hibiscus too. 

I want a garden of my own since long after I moved to Pune. I am just wary of the responsibility as one is of adopting a pet. I want nice fresh flowers, not creepy big ones. Lotus, is one of the exceptions. I like it. 

I used to keep a single pink rose on my study table, in a metal flower pot my Mom gave me. I tried keeping up the tradition in college, but my table top was so messy, I couldn’t risk the water falling over my books 😜 

The Gods in our home have chandani flowers and an assortment of other flowers from our garden everyday. The chandani tree is still hanging on to life after a good 30+ years – I don’t know what its actual life time is, but all the other flower plants from its times in our garden have given up long ago. There are a few new ones.

What flower plants would I want in my garden? A pink rose. That’s all I can handle at present. Maybe I’ll add some varieties after, and then have gerberas.

Saputara had a flourishing rose garden when I visited it in early 90s. There were no tourist hotels, just a government rest house. Now it is a buzzing spot, almost spoiled by the crowds and the rose garden is dilapidated. Last I visited in 2012.

Gardens are a world in their own. So if you decide to be a gardener(hobby), be sure to tend to the world nicely. I am thinking of my future terrace garden now…

One thought on “Twelfth ramble

  1. Flowers, with their beauty and their scent,
    Are truly from the gods — heaven-sent
    Their colors and shapes
    Pretty up many landscapes
    And a bouquet of flowers is the loveliest present!

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