Fourteenth ramble


About Valentine’s Day.

When I had no boyfriend, I desperately wanted someone to wish V-day to! Once, I had shouted aloud, much to the envy of my group, into my Nokia 3310 at the college cafeteria (unofficial) ‘I loveeeee youuuuu’ with a look of triumph on my face in year 2005; only to find my Dad responding in an even tone ‘I think you have dialled the wrong number. I’ll hang up now so that you can dial the right one.’

So much for cool parents. He must be hoping to God I don’t hang up, and there might not be an actual character!

Those were the days…of a hazy image which soon turned clearer in the form of the better half. Right from day one, we never felt the need to say it aloud – I love you. We do say it though, now, in place of good morning/good night.

In all the years we have been together, we have never regarded Valentine’s Day in a special light. This year was no different. I coaxed him into taking a stroll through the neighbouring mall and bought a wallet for myself, as a gift from him 😛

When my bestie got engaged, we went to Archie’s to get a V-day gift for her fiancé and I tried looking up one for Abhijeet – that was the first time when we (me and her) realized we could not imagine buying even a single mushy gift. We giggled while we browsed the store, gave up and she brought a routine gift for her officially engaged fiancé.

Thus, my lovey-dovey imagination of Valentine’s Day never materialized per se. And I don’t even feel the need for it anymore. Valentine’s Day remains the same – wishing near and dear ones, petting a few cats and wearing red. And perhaps this was what the benevolent Saint wanted the day to be – the expression for love for those who you love, not necessarily romantic partners.

We have our impromptu outings, professing love over an evening walk, looking into each other’s eyes when our song plays on the radio – in daily life for all the mush I used to want on Valentine’s Day.

Imma happy with that.

One of the years, we went to the movies on Valentine's Day. Mush does happen with simple moments :) just need to spot it!
One of the years, we went to the movies on Valentine’s Day. Mush does happen with simple moments 🙂 just need to spot it!

One thought on “Fourteenth ramble

  1. You shouted out to your Dad that you love him
    His sedate response to you was crisp and trim
    Every day is The Saint’s
    If only the World acquaints
    Itself with love — then the sounds of war will grow dim!

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