Seventeenth ramble


There are many colours that I like. Very few that I don’t like. I didn’t like lemon yellow in clothes earlier but I have begun liking it now.

Blues, pinks, greens, browns, purples are my favourites. What if people were of those colours?

I prefer plain colours or shades of the same than a potpourri, in clothes.

I keep wondering what colour are transparent things like a see-through glass or distilled water.

The Economic Times comes in a ghastly pale shade of orange. I hate that newspaper more for its colour rather than the news on subjects I don’t understand. Newspapers should be of newspaper colour only.

Queer how colours are identified by things eh? The new colour in Thunderbird from Royal Enfield is called Asphalt! 

2 thoughts on “Seventeenth ramble

  1. I don’t like mustard and brown
    They fail to keep my bile down
    In purple and green
    I prettily preen
    And in golden yellow, feel like i wear a crown!

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