Eighteenth ramble

I start diaries/journals umpteen number of times. Since I saw my Dad make notes, I started writing my own plans.

My journaling is contemplative, more in the future tense or introspecting how far I have come. It is intermittent though. Sometimes years are missing!

I have a friend who writes pages daily. I envy her. Writing away merrily without caring if it was an exam day or we were at our mutual friend’s wedding – how perseverant!

I have made several pacts with real people writing, all in vain. A page a day. Sounds so easy…

Trudging through the ramblings, I find solace in idle writing. Journaling is the art of converting that idle writing into chronological thought trains and knowing how your mind has evolved on certain matters.

In a course that I had registered for 2 years back and given up mid-way, ‘Leaving a trace’ was a recommended reading – akin to a textbook. I read it cover to cover nonetheless. The title still brings a lump to my throat. Leaving a trace…of your existence, of your thoughts, your dreams, your struggles with the mundane, your achievements significant only to you – all giving a glimpse of your times to the next or previous generation.

World events reduced to a byline, where you are the hero of your story. Journaling is therefore, a very alluring idling. Lucrative too, if you make memoirs out of them.

One thought on “Eighteenth ramble

  1. Writing about everyday could get boring
    After all, how much can you keep scoring
    It should come from the heart
    Not prized apart
    A consequence of the mind’s outpouring!

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