Nineteenth ramble

What kind of stories appeal to you?

Years ago, I had listed bullet points as to what ingredients make a tale worth writing

A story has to have fully developed leads, with enough room for the reader to surmise about their hazy pasts. It has to have passion enough to make the reader ‘feel’ for the characters. If they feel for the antagonist too, the better the story. 

The time segment over which the story stretches doesn’t matter as long as the characters undergo a change, evolve or metamorphose. Or the situation at the start is drastically different from the end. One day and one hour stories are very difficult to write. Adding back stories to fill pages works.

Like I have said earlier, I struggle with conflicts, ironically. My stories are smooth. The characters evolve, but without a significant life changing event. Even if there is one, it is quite predictable. How does one write unpredictable stories? Keep confusing the reader by going back and forth in narration? Adding parallel tracks?

I want to write predictable stories with a captivating narration. I want to create crackpot characters, who – despite their eccentricity – are quite predictable. Take Sherlock Holmes for example. Once you know him, none of his eccentricities seem far fetched or unexpected. You just enjoy sitting beside him in the carriage, puff one of his pipes and let your train of thoughts run – hoping your theory is better than Dr. Watson’s.

That’s a preview…of ‘If I write’…

One thought on “Nineteenth ramble

  1. Now this here is quite a lesson
    To get readers, to stories, listen
    Invidious plots
    Involves energy — lots
    So, i’ll go with you, i’d rather stress lessen!

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