Twentieth ramble

Change is the only thing constant.

Oxymorons entice and exhaust me at the same time, as they are supposed to. I understand the thing about change – in 29 years that I have lived so far, change has happened around me and I realise it only when I visit home. 

The rooms that were occupied once, have been vacated now. The things I used to play with have been relegated to scrap. Only yesterday I saw the battery operated light lamp, which had been the saviour of many an exams in school days, covered in dust in a forgotten cupboard. Change. Accept it, says the Countesses mother to the dowager of Downton Abbey.

Why do we cling to certain things, places and routines? They make us feel comfortable. They provide a sense of forever – that this is how it is supposed to be and will be forever. 

Alas, as one adds years to life, the frequency of change becomes more apparent. I struggle, to realise, accept, and adapt to change. In time!

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