Twenty first ramble


I have been dreading writing about this lest I invoke a volley of troll comments. Well, I find myself apathetic about this issue – because I feel it is pointless to classify a whole nation based on certain events.

We are not intolerant. We are confused.

We are confused about who is right? The government is right, or the media is right, or the intellectuals are right, or the ones claiming intellectuals are in fact pseudo-intellectuals are right.


The best path forward is to deal with issues at our level – wherever you are, if you feel you are being victimised because of intolerance, step up and say so. Just leave the nation out of it. 

Indian is far big an entity to be labelled entirely tolerant or entirely intolerant. Though on the whole, India at this time can be labelled confused entirely 😉 

One thought on “Twenty first ramble

  1. You’re entirely right about being confused
    Especially with all the half-truths being infused
    Many outright lies
    Reasoning defies
    And with over-information we’re being suffused!

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