Twenty third ramble


When I eat pizza, I order it almost every week. This happens with other junk food too.

The phone is so handy and the bank balance is so abundant that I desist from making myself some healthy alternatives.

Ultimately, within 6 months I put on kilos of weight. A corollary to this is that if I stop eating pizza, I lose kilos of weight. 

Pizza or other junk food is an indicator of what actually is going on in life. Binges are inspired either by too much happiness or too much sadness. 

It takes your mind off certain matters. Short term gratification. Why don’t we binge on useful stuff then? 


2 thoughts on “Twenty third ramble

  1. Because ‘useful stuff’ ain’t attractive
    And junk food is truly so addictive
    We add the kilos
    Then look like silos
    And good intentions are self-destructive!

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