Twenty-sixth ramble

I am on a vacation.

We have a nice beach attached to the hotel, and right now I am sitting on the much windy beach. In the three days that we spent here, the sea was in very different forms. Our first visit to Al Khan was during one of the days when the sea was active – white frothy waves rising to moderate heights but hitting the shores real hard. 

The first evening that we came here, there were no waves at all. I have never seen this silent a sea. We just sat at the beach half an hour before sunset. No camera handy. That is when the colours of nature decided to manifest their beauty. The sky was split in three colour palettes – orange and violet, indigo and blue, yellow and red. The clouds spread themselves sparse…with the most fluffy elongated patterns I have seen. The sea reflected them all. Here I was, on the shores of the Gulf, drinking in the wonderful painting. 

There were just one or two speed boats, cutting the calmness once in a while. Nobody else was on the beach. A wonder, considering the influx of tourists in Sharjah. He was lamenting the non-availability of camera, that’s when I thought of it. Till then I was so absorbed in the scene that I decided not to think of pictures. I wanted to remember it like I felt it and longed to paint it – or for someone else to paint it, because I am the lousiest of painters times have ever seen. I could always paint it with words, I thought. I am keeping them close, for story I’ll write someday.

The sea here is blue-green. The kind I had not seen yet. I had either seen blue or green or brown sea. A cat kept walking from one end to another, maybe on lookout for gulls. There were only a few, flying close to the water far from the shore-line. Planes flying seemed to do so on a canvas…as if a plane flying through Van Gogh’s starry nights.

Next day, waves were gentle, playful. People were enjoying ‘wave bashing’ if I may be audacious enough to coin the term. A nice sunny day, perfect for a beach holiday. Today, red flags are up. The sea is strong, jet skis are out and the riders are having a blast. A little drizzle was threatening rain, but seems that rains have been put on hold for now.

Same place. Three days. Such different weather. Isn’t that true of our person too? 🙂

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  2. Isn’t it amazing that the most beautiful side of nature reveals itself when we have put away our mobiles and camera and are just relaxing. It seems to me that that is when Mother Nature says okay now you can enjoy me.

    Visiting from the A to Z Blog Challenge.

    Patricia @ EverythingMustChange

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