Whiteboard, not the board of directors.

My company, The Mavericks, is a One Person Company – meaning I am the sole dictator…err…director. It cannot yet bring in investors, and thus, no board meetings for now.

The Board I am talking about is the classic whiteboard which meeting rooms and employee desks have. They show how active your team members are. Some personal boards have graffiti, some have thoughts for the day, in addition to the brainstorming and important ‘to remember’ points written on them. Walk into a company, and look at all the whiteboards to gauge the quality of brainpower it has.

The Mavericks is primarily a virtual company. Does it mean we will have no whiteboards? Well, in the conventional sense, no. But forming a common Google Sheet, Project Wiki, Personal Blogs (on company website) amounts to ‘whiteboarding’ as I call it. Jotting down a brainwave as soon as it occurs, for all to see and comment.

Whiteboarding is also very effective during client meetings. Scribble down important points, make impromptu brain maps and send a photo to client. This will show that you were listening, and thinking on the solution to his project idea.


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