Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Yes, the tool.

Big companies have equally fancy CRMs. As a startup, I have not thought of a CRM tool yet. As it is, I find them too complicated. A Google spreadsheet works best for me.

However, customer relationship management is much more than just a tool. When the startup is young, the founders have one-to-one contact with the client. As the sales staff increases, each sales person has his own accounts and prospects. Maintaining a common log is very essential then. There is also a slight apprehension amongst team members about the other team member ‘poaching’ his client. It must be understood and stressed that the client belongs to the company, not the sales person.

The company should also take efforts in maintaining communication apart from the sales person/account manager, by staying in touch on important dates as well as delivering the best product in the market. This ensures that client transition does not happen if one of the sales person chooses to switch companies.


One thought on “Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  1. CRM is a useful tool
    But not much of it is taught at school
    You learn as you earn
    The mid-night oil you burn
    And eventually you become nobody’s fool!

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