A hilarious incident happened when I had completed over a year of working in a newly formed startup. A trainee HR joined our team. We never had a formal HR before that. The day after she joined, she was sitting at her desk. Four of us, relatively senior members of the team, had gathered at 11-ish am near the water-cooler. The tall frail HR walked to us and sshed us saying we need to maintain discipline and go back to our desks. We looked at each other – at a total loss whether to guffaw as we really felt or to take it in our stride and humour her for the time being. At last, we went to our desks and the next day, she was explained politely by the management that this is not a school.

It was not her fault really. The newbie did not know that we put in hours of hard work without looking at the watch 24 x 7. We deserved a few minutes off at the water-cooler now and then.

Decorum, meaning behaviour in keeping with good taste and propriety, has different implications in different settings. It is also very closely linked to discipline – the more stricter form of decorum.

In a virtual company like The Mavericks, decorum implies putting in the required amount of hours of work, maintaining basic propriety on social media posts which are public, respecting the organisational hierarchy and engaging the client with full attention. Other than that music during work hours, exchanging views across desks and friendly banter at water-coolers is completely okay. As the employees will be working from their home, half of this is not possible anyway!


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  1. Decorum you’ll find a-plenty
    In and around aristocracy
    And in the Armed Forces
    In their blood it courses
    And yes, at work, it’s coupled with dignity!

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