An eccentric person is often called a maverick. Eccentricity, in the creative sense, is welcome at The Mavericks.

Startups have started differentiating themselves from traditional firms with quirky names, unconventional office decor, informal clothes at work. If you have seen The Intern, you will know what I mean. That kind of eccentricity is external.

What we need is internal eccentricity.

You adhere to Apple Guidelines, but come up with a never-seen-before navigation menu idea. You write a concise competitive analysis, focusing on the parameter which has never been noticed before. You write code comments in verses (this is not always welcome…but if your code is going to be passed on to an individual of the same bent, then you might find resonance).

Break the norms while doing a certain task. This keeps the brain less burdened with rituals. Avoid templatizing your documents as far as possible. Mostly you are bound to work with templates, but add some parts unique to the project at hand. More often than not, this will keep your templates constantly evolving.

Be eccentric. Be a Maverick. There’s nothing wrong with good eccentricity!


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