Project failures are a part of a company.

Many times apps are rejected by App Stores. At other times, they fail to reach completion. The apps that reach the store can also fail – they are not accepted by the target users.

When I started development, the first 9 of my apps met the above fate. At times like these, you have to do a little soul searching to determine if you have given your best. If you have, bury the apps or revive the dead code – according to your client’s wish and move ahead.

Digesting failures and owning up to your planning mistakes or if the client is not responsive enough, stating that straight forward goes a long way into healing your taxed brain and heart – both of which are very essential to function daily as a developer or a project manager.

As they do post match in cricket, it is very necessary to make a draft of how you and the team handled the project – the goods, the bads and the uglies – regardless of the failure or success of the project. There are always part failures even in a successful project – internal (unknown to client) or external (known to client) – write them down as lessons for the next time.F

One thought on “Failures

  1. De-briefing plays an important part in every sphere of Life
    And yes, being up-front reduces a lot of any sort of strife
    9 is a magical figure
    So go ahead, don’t you fear
    Soon you’ll be the Pan Piper and many will follow your fife!

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