In my whole career, I have yet to meet a designer who can make what I visualise. I have also yet to meet a designer who completes all the screens using just an initial brief.

I have met but one designer who is really into his work and tries to break patterns. Pity, the work I had for him had set wireframes and he couldn’t put much of his expertise into the visual designs as the client had very strict guidelines for the screens.

The heart of an IT company lies in its design team – the conceptualisers, the wireframers and the visual designers. A potential client will judge you first from your website (developed by your team) and then the thumbnails on your app portfolio and then (if at all) will download and use one of the apps to get a feel of your coding expertise.

Your designs should be perfect in colour combination, layout of the action items and informative items and most of all – should be self-explanatory to a new user. Do you know of such a visual designer? Please connect him/her to The Mavericks!


One thought on “Graphics

  1. THAT’s the beauty of the human mind
    You’ll find every conceivable kind
    No one thinks the exact same
    Everyone’s view is a different game
    If we did, we’d all be in a robotic bind!

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