Decoding writer’s block

When people ask me why don’t they see me blog these days, how is my novel coming along, how’s writing in general, sometimes I say it has taken a backseat and at other times – I have a writer’s block. In my context, writer’s block is not applicable at all, because, truth to be said – I don’t try to write these days.

Last year, when I left my day job, I had elaborate writing plans.

Why don’t I write and blame it on writer’s block :

  1. I keep avoiding writing because of procrastination.
  2. I do not have a writing time. I am thinking of starting regular writing in the morning hours.
  3. I set very high standards for myself. The result is, I keep churning more ordinary stuff. Though someone has rightly said, there is more extraordinary in the ordinary than the one trying to appear extraordinary. That someone is me. At least I agree with me on something.
  4. The more I read, the more I am convinced that I will never write an authentic draft.
  5. I don’t have a peer writer’s circle, so to speak. It is true that I follow wonderful bloggers who happen to be amazing writers, but I do not seek active feedback from them. Why? Because I DO NOT WRITE!
  6. I should stop thinking of writing as a task and write for the love of the written word.

I leave you with these incomplete thoughts…

3 thoughts on “Decoding writer’s block

  1. The first three points have substance
    The fourth is utter nonsense
    No.5: That’s what comments are
    And BINGO to No. 6 — ’tis by far,
    Of all, the most accurate sentence!

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