Day 2 : What is your favourite aspect of being a writer?

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November 2nd Question: What is your favourite aspect of being a writer?

I have been introduced to IWSG through Megan Morgan’s blog. A big ‘thank you’ to her!

My favourite aspect of being a writer is seeing things differently. I believe writing is not just a craft of putting words on paper. It is a trait. Of observation.

One can only write, when one observes and reflects on the present and past goings on around him. This equips him to develop fictional scenarios set in the real or imaginary world.

A story has a soul only if the writer possesses comprehensive knowledge of the environment that it is set in. This is possible only by observation.

Good writing is possible only if the writer has a habit of knowing as much as there is to know about any subject that he encounters. I call this acquired observation. Newspapers, books, Internet, videos on the chosen subject provide the writer with information which has been observed by others.

Another, and more natural type of observation is direct observation. It stems from the writer’s own experience in day-to-day life, travelling, gossiping(!) – alright word-of-mouth. Writers are wired such that they cannot observe anything without thinking – can I fit this scene unfolding in front of me in some story?

A writer’s journal is filled with anecdotes observed directly or acquired from some sources. It is often a treat to re-visit the journal and remember the time when the entry was made. Sometimes, this re-visiting makes for an observational entry about nostalgia.

You get the gist, eh? Being a writer makes me more absorbed in the happenings around me, makes me as curious as a cat and I read up on every subject under the sun, and gives me a license to be nosy and snoopy 😛 And I can always be found reading under the reason of doing research (acquired observation). I love this aspect of writing 🙂

4 thoughts on “Day 2 : What is your favourite aspect of being a writer?

  1. Hi, Kalam! I’m a visiting IWSG member, and I enjoyed your post very much. It’s hard to write a good story if it is not grounded in setting or environment and supported by lots of background information about the subject. I love that writing gives you license to be nosy and snoopy ~ which is really a boundless curiosity about the world all around you! good luck with your writing in November!

  2. Hi Louise! Hope I got your name right. I post as Meta – my pen name. Kalam incidentally means pen in Hindi. Thank you so much for visiting 🙂 If you leave your blog link, I’d love to read your take on this week’s question. I am off to do some blog hopping too, now that I have actually written the post 🙂

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