Get ready to ramble!

As you might already know, February is the month of rambling – thanks to the awesome Lady at Shail’s Nest.

You post about anything that catches your attention at the moment or tell a story you just remembered or post flash fiction or rant or just go on rambling every single day in February. It is also a blog hop, so you meet and greet your fellow Ramblers.

January has almost ended. 2017 has begun. February is about to start. Why am I stating the obvious? Because I am getting in the groove for rambling.

Just so you know, I have resumed my shooting practice this week. It has become such an integral part of my life now that I was feeling restless in the one month of ‘rest’ that I was forced into.

What am I going to ramble about this year? I don’t know. Can you plan rambling? Then it is not rambling.

Maybe I’ll talk about things I have started this year. Like driving. I knew driving since I was 16. Being under age, I was not allowed to drive outside our compound. Somehow, the under age/ un-prepared tag stuck till 30! Better late than never, they say! So yeah, I am experiencing the adrenaline rush that a teen has when he first rides a moped by himself or when a child rides a bicycle without training wheels. It is empowering too. Gives a feeling of being in control. Sheesh, I rambled about driving here itself. What shall I ramble about in the Ramblings now?!

5 thoughts on “Get ready to ramble!

  1. I came by to see if my comment has appeared
    And what shows up has me endeared
    Usha, your cowboy cry
    Gave me a smile so wry
    And Meta, i’d scold you if i wasn’t so teared!

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