First Ramble : First book of the year

I had forgotten that today is the 1st of February. I often forget the occasions¬†I look forward to, on the day itself. My ‘engagement anniversary’ is no exception. Recently, I called up my school friend Neha on Republic Day, and talked about everything under the sun (mostly nostalgic school moments) and hung up without wishing her ‘Happy Anniversary’. (Sorry, Neha!) To think, only a week before 26th January, I had called her and mentioned I will call on her wedding anniversary.

I remembered about the Ramblings only at 12 in the noon.

The first book of the year I read is ‘Dreams from my father’ by Barack Obama. It continued from December into January (yes, it is long). Obama is as terrific a writer as he is an orator. What a blessed man!

I had heard about the book since his inauguration in 2008, got my hands on it only now.

Here’s my informal review :

Dreams from my Father has been written way back in 95 (or earlier, since it was published in 95). It gives an insight into what went in Obama’s mind since his childhood, what drove him towards community service/organisation and subsequently politics. He is very honest about his family and his feelings towards the legacy that he comes from. That said, it is a bit lengthy and repetitive – needs a good editor and chapter/mid-chapter leaps (although chronological) leave the reader frustrated as he abruptly breaks his chain of thoughts in an event he is narrating. It may be a logical conclusion for him, but leaves the reader frustrated (doesn’t serve as a good cliffhanger tactic). His language is masterful. Good read altogether.

I am now reading ‘The Best of R.K.Narayanan’.

Which is the first book you have read this year?