Twenty-third Ramble

Cheat post. Poem written in March 2014. Still holds true…

Write. I want to.

But Time. Where do I find?

Hollow words, stuck in a rut, life grinds.

O dear mind,take me tither,

where time doesn’t matter.

There is no rat race,

life goes on at a leisurely pace.

O dear mind, take me to the days,

when I was a kid,

and there was no need,

to choose from so many worldly ways.

There was only one way,

one thing, that I did.

Whatever my heart said!

2 thoughts on “Twenty-third Ramble

  1. She repeats a poem and calls it cheat
    But for us readers, ’tis a tasty treat
    She wants to write
    The time’s not right
    Her heart hankers for childhood’s beat!

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